Meet the Lab guy

My name is Joshua Lee, I am the Owner/ Orthodontic Tech. at Retention Ortho Lab. I have been practicing my trade for the past ten years as a tech. and as a EFDA here in Idaho and RDA in Texas. I moved to Idaho with my son, my daughter and my girlfriend in 2017 during snow-mageddon, to be closer to family. I opened my lab in 2017 with one office and fought through the Covid-19 pandemic. As of today, I am still a small laboratory, but growing daily.  I take a lot of pride in my soldering skills. I have been soldering since I was about 8 years old. My father is my original mentor, he is a retired Computer Engineer who has fabricated different types of components for his work. Together we spent time at home tinkering with different types of solder dencity from copper pipes all the way down to computer components. Over the years I’ve been practicing different soldering techniques using a low concentrated heat that is direct, to avoid any accidental over heating that could cause any weakness in your appliances. I am sure you are very busy, so I will keep this introduction short and sweet. All of my contact information is attached, along with some pictures of my work. I am looking for more production at this time and would greatly apricate any support. Thank you!

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