Price List



Essix- $25 Per Arch

(Add Pontic $25)

Bleach trays- $30 Per Arch

Soft Night guards- $45 Per Arch

Sports guard -$45 per arch                                                                                                                                                     

Active Essix Appliance’s

Active Essix for anterior teeth

$30 (each tray)

Space Maintaining

Lower Lingual Holding Arch Wire- $45

Nance- $55

TPA- $45

Unilateral - $35

Bonded Retainer Contoured (3X3 2x2)- $60



Standard Maxillary Hawley Hawley (C Clasp or 2 Ball Clasps) - $60

Standard Maxillary Hawley Wrap with 2 Stabilizing Wires -$70

Maxillary Hawley with Adams Clasp -$70

Standard Mandibular Hawley with Bow and Occlusal Rests and 2 ball clasps -$80


Blue Grass- $45

Bonded Thumb Crib- $85

Bonded thumb crib with spur attachments - $85


Flipper- $85 

Essix with one Pontic- $50

Essix with more than one Pontic starting at- $100 +$25 each additional pontic  



Standard RPE Starting at- $90

Three Way Expander- $130


Night Guard  

Retention Ortho Lab Modified Deprogrammer- $120

Dual-lam or hard/soft flat occlusal guard- $125

Resin Printed Night Guard- $125                      



Tongue hole - Free

Tooth setting - $10 using provided tooth (will not use natural teeth. please don't send.)

Model Duplicate - $10

Finger Spring - $5 each

Extra Ball Clasp - $5 each

Bite Ramp- $10

Articulated appliance- $10

Solid Color- $0

Multi Color Retainer- $10

Pattern Retainer- $10

Cut Out Pattern- $20

Picture in Retainer- $10

Pour Up- $10

Band Seat- $10

Occlusal Coverage- $15

Lab repair fee - $35

Consultation Fee- $150 Per Hr. 1Hr Min

1.    Next Day Rush Charge - TBD

2.    Second Day Rush - $35

3.    Third Day Rush - $30

4.    Fourth Day Rush - $20



                                                                   ***For any Questions on Pricing or Appliance’s Not Listed Please Call We Build to your Specs***

pricing may change without notice please contact our office with any discrepancy's 

Joshua Lee



Please Allow at least five business days for local turnaround time. Thermoforming appliance’s will be Delivered to office as soon as possible.

If you see any products not listed, please give us a call. Questions, Comments, Concerns will be rapidly addressed.

Thank You for considering Retention Orthodontic Laboratory, MJ’S LLC